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Come join us at Ice Ice Arcade for the Pin-Masters of New Hampshire. You’ll play an 18-hole (machine) course with scoring from 1-10 strokes per hole. The field will be capped at 36 players who will play in 3 person groups with the top 16 players making it to the playoffs. Playoffs will consist of the same scoring with top 2 from every group advancing until we crown a champion.

10 am to 10:30 am = practice time.
10:30 until done = 18 holes for everyone!
Then, playoffs!

Registration opens April 4, 2020. Follow this event for the latest info.

Additional details:

$40 entry fee

Fee breakdown: $20 to payouts & trophies, $10 to the house, $5 to 2020 finals prize pool, $4 to Pin-Masters admin, $1 to IFPA.

Points earned based on finishing position go toward Pin-Masters of New England standings. Each state Pin-Masters battle will award points based on final standings. See https://pinmastersofne.com/ for more info.

Finals format:

PAPA style
Top 16 (or 50% if the field is <32 players) 4 person groups, 3 games Pin-golf scoring 3 rounds Top seed in playoff groups picks game or order, seed holds from game to game. Each game can be picked once. $40 prize for the player with the best score during qualifying. Estimated Payouts: 1st place: $220 2nd place:$125 3rd place: $80 4th place: $50 5th - 8th place: $20 9th - 16th place: $10 Top qualifier: $40 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prepaid Registration required to guarantee a slot for participation. Registration opens 4/4/20. 100% refunds for cancellations until Saturday, September 12th. After September 12th, 100% refund if your spot is taken by another player. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WPPR points will be awarded.