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Tournament Format: Flipper Frenzy!

  • Head-to-head play on a bank of machines. Approximately 1/4 of the players will be in the queue area. All available machines will be eligible, but preference will be given to those with the shortest estimated ball time.
  • For example, with a field of 35 players, 7 players will be waiting in a queue and 28 will be playing in 14 heads-up matches on 14 machines.
  • At the end of each game, the winner gets one win and the loser gets one loss. The loser stays at the game unless they’ve played on that machine twice in a row, in which case the winner stays. The player staying on the game plays as Player 2 in the upcoming game. The player that left the game reports or records the win and loss and goes to the back of the queue. The first player from the queue reports to the machine and plays as Player 1 against the player that remains.
  • We’ll play as many rounds as we can in 4 hours. Whoever has the most wins at the end of the period will be crowned champion. There will be no finals.
  • Tiebreakers will be played as needed to break ties for the top three finishers. They will be on a randomly assigned machine and feature all players involved in the tiebreak. Player order will be randomly assigned.


  • Doors open: 12 pm
  • Flip Frenzy: 1 pm to 5 pm


  • $35 per player ($20 to the prize pool, $10 to Ice Ice Arcade, $5 to Pin-Masters for expenses and supplies, and $1 to the IFPA).
  • To register, send $35 via PayPal to PayPal.me/pinmasters. Please also include your name and email for sending out tournament information. Refunds will be given through December 7th. Starting December 8th, refunds will be given if a player is found to take the spot.