Hello fellow pin-heads! We’re catching up on some loose ends from 2019 before getting on with this year’s upcoming events. Which basically boils down to the raffle of glorious pinball prizes. While we had intended to run this raffle live at the 2019 finals event, an unexpected injury to a member of the organizing team threw a kink in those plans, and we’ve had to adapt.

In order to move things forward and get prizes out to everyone as soon as possible, here’s what we’ve done:

1. Everyone who participated in at least two events earned one raffle ticket. Those who participated in 3 earned two tickets, 4 got 3 tickets and all 5 got 4 tickets.

2. We listed all entries in a spreadsheet. One row in the spreadsheet is the same as one raffle ticket. This gave us a total of 67 entries.

3. We used Google’s Random Number Generator to generate random numbers from 1-67. We mapped the generated number to the same row in the spreadsheet to select each winner.

4. Prizes were assigned one-by-one according to this arbitrary list.

With all that said, here are all of the winners of our raffle, and the prizes that they won. Congrats to all!!

We will look to get these out to folks at upcoming events. If we need to make special shipping accommodations, please let us know. For those who won Pintastic prize packs, we’ll reach out separately to coordinate next steps.

Big thanks to all of our amazing sponsors who supplied the prizes for our raffle. We couldn’t do it without the support of Pintastic New England, Pinstadium Lights,┬áComet Pinball,┬áDouble Danger, Jersey Jack Pinball, Laserific, Pinball Life, Stern Pinball, and Tilt Amusements. We love you all!